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Greg & Bonnie Krueger

Builder and broker, Greg Krueger, is a family man and a down to earth, diligent, Midwestern guy. No stranger to hard work, Greg grew up on a farm in western North Dakota as the eldest of five siblings. After marrying his high school sweet heart, Bonnie, the two moved to Minot, North Dakota to start a family. With 5 years prior real estate experience, three children and a passion for building, in 1984 Greg broke ground on his first Krueger built home. Since then, the company relocated to Fargo and has grown to encompass all three Krueger children, building hundreds of homes in North Dakota and Minnesota. Greg sincerely loves this area of the country and derives great joy in building homes for other families to grow in. On the rare occasion that he isn’t working, Greg enjoys hunting, ice fishing, watching football, spending time with his family at their lake home and taking his grandchildren to the movies.

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