National Association of Home Builders


3 In 1 Membership — Local, State and National – When you become a member of your local builders association, you’re also a member of the North Dakota Association of Builders (NDAB) and the National Association of Builders (NAHB). This federation works for the benefit of the building industry and its members. There are over 2,000 members across North Dakota, and over 230,000 members nationwide.

Our first issue of INSIGHTS Magazine is now available. This magazine offers your members INSIGHTS into both the Member Rebate Program and the participating Manufacturers in this member benefit.

Please visit: NDAB INSIGHTS Magazine to read your INSIGHTS magazine.

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Top Ten Benefits of NDAB Membership

1. Legislative Advocacy/Legislative Affairs – The NDAB works closely with state legislators and our Congressional delegation in Washington to promote and protect the building industry and its interests. The NDAB also has a political action committee (NDAB-PAC), a non-partisan committee providing support for candidates who are friends of the building industry. .

2. Codes and Regulations – The NDAB works to reduce regulations and ensure workable building codes for our members. We closely monitor and provide input on code and regulatory issues.

3. Partnerships with Related Organizations – The NDAB maintains relationships with various organizations related to the housing industry. Some of those groups include: ND Housing Finance Agency, ND Division of Community Services, ND Building Officials Association, ND Secretary of State’s Office, ND Workers Compensation Bureau, ND Partnership for Homeownership, Fannie Mae, Job Service of ND, Housing & Urban Development (HUD), and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

4. Regulatory Representation – Your interests are represented before regulatory agencies, with information provided to members on regulatory compliance issues.

5. Positive Image – NDAB works to provide positive public relations resources to the statewide media on building-related issues, striving to heighten the awareness and enhance the image of the industry.

6. Education – Current programs being offered with local builders associations include FREE training sessions for members on residential construction safety. In addition, we have provided training on the new State Building Code, and look forward to educating members on builder liability/warranty issues.

7. Networking Opportunities – Statewide events and meetings provide networking opportunities for builders and building-related companies to increase your bottom line.

8. Professional Recognition – Enhance your professional credibility and visibility by belonging to our respected and widely known trade association.  There are also opportunities for professional certifications through NDAB.

9. Member Programs (insurance, telecommunications) – A widely used insurance program is offered to members through the State Auto Mutual Insurance Company (formerly known as Meridian or Citizen’s Security Group). As an association member, you may realize savings in premiums through potential safety group dividends. McLeod USA, a major telecommunications firm, also offers packages of services to members of the NDAB. Contact your local McLeod USA office and be sure to mention that you’re a member of the builders association.

10.  Leadership Opportunities – Members can represent their local associations on the NDAB Board, committees and task forces. NDAB also has strong representation on the NAHB Board of Directors.

NAHB Member Discounts

As a benefit of being a member, you have access to discounts and savings opportunities offered by many top companies. All programs, rates and prices are subject to change without notice.

NAHB members can access each program using the co-branded links below, or  download an overview of all discounts including phone numbers and program codes.