NDAB-PAC is the North Dakota Association of Builders’ Political Action Committee. It is a non-partisan political action committee which provides support for candidates who are friends of the building industry.

NDAB-PAC recognizes there is strength in numbers. People who show they care and are concerned about the future of the building industry make contributions to NDAB-PAC because they believe that cooperation equals strength.

You alone can’t influence the Legislature or Congress on issues that can devastate your business. NDAB-PAC is your front line of defense. It monitors legislative issues and works to protect and promote the building industry.


NDAB-PAC’s ability to defend and promote your business rests squarely on the financial support it receives from you and other members. The contributions will give NDAB-PAC the needed resources and clout to succeed on issues affecting the building industry.

By pooling contributions from NDAB members, NDAB-PAC is able to help elect legislators who understand and support the issues and concerns of builders and associate members.

What PAC Should you give to?

NDAB-PAC focuses on state and local issues and candidates. NDAB is lucky enough to have two registered lobbyist on staff and they are here to make sure our members voices are heard. Your NDAB-PAC Dollars go to support candidates that have the Associations best interests in mind. Click here to open the NDAB-PAC Contribution Form  or you can Donate Online Here. (YOU MUST USE A PERSONAL DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD FOR PAC CONTRIBUTIONS)

You can also choose to contribute to BUILD-PAC, the National Association of Home Builders’ Political Action Committee, one of the most recognized and well-respected PACs in Washington. Simply, click here to open the brochure and donation form BUILD-PAC Brochure