Recruiting new members to your local association is an activity recognized and rewarded through the Spike Club. Those who participate are called Spikes, and they are among the most valued members of the association. Spikes are the membership leaders of our federation, building the voice, power and influence on every level, in every state.

Member-to-member recruitment and retention efforts are the largest source of growth for the federation. Spikes bring grassroots growth and stability. These efforts lead to the development of the general membership and our leadership pipeline, keeping the face of the federation true to that of our industry and the scope of interests we represent.

β€œIn this era of excessive regulations and inflated costs, the strength of our membership drives our influence. I think I can speak for every member when I say how proud we are to be more than 140,000 members strong. Thank you, Spikes, for what – and who – you bring to the association.”